President Joe Biden celebrates USMNT’s win over Iran in the World Cup: ‘They did it’

As if the Iran and United States relationship needed any more reasons to be tense, this Tuesday the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup saw both countries face each other in a decisive game in which the USMNT was forced to win, as a draw also benefited the Iranians.

The United States won 1-0 and the defeat of the Iranian National Team was celebrated throughout America, given the political tensions between both nations and the civil protests happening in Iran.

Joe Biden celebrated the United States victory over Iran

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, celebrated his national team’s victory over their rivals and congratulated them on advancing to the knockout rounds of the World Cup.

Biden even lead the chant of “U-S-A! U-S-A!”, before adding that this was a big game for everybody involved.

“They did it, God love ’em.”

Joe Biden spoke to the USMNT prior to the World Cup

This Tuesday, President Joe Biden recalled his communication with the United States Men’s National Team before they began their participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in which he wished them good luck ahead of their return to soccer’s biggest stage.

“When I spoke to the coach and the players I said, ‘You can do this.’ They went ‘ehhhh’. They did it, God love ’em.”

Lionel Messi announces he’ll be investing in sports and tech through his new Silicon Valley company

Lionel Messi is in the twilight of his career and despite of still being one of the world’s premiere soccer players, he continues to make moves towards securing his finantial future once he hangs up his boots, a moment that gets closer each day that goes by, specially considering he has already announced that the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup will be the last of its kind he gets to play.

Messi: “For sure this will be my last World Cup”

Lionel Messi launches his sports and tech investement firm

This Wednesday the Argentinian superstar announced that he’s creating a holding company that will invest in sports, media and technology around the globe.

It will be based out of Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California and is named Play Time Sports-Tech HoldCo LLC and it now becomes Messi’s primary investment vehicle.

The company will explore opportunities that could include investing in professional teams or helping startup founders build football-tech companies among other things.

Lionel Messi’s shared the news in a statement were he also couldn’t hide his excitement.

“I am excited to extend our roots into Silicon Valley, and I am thrilled that Play Time will collaborate with daring entrepreneurs from all over the world,” he expressed.

Mbappe leapfrogs Messi to top Forbes rich list

Lionel Messi will have help in his business venture

The company will be run by Razmig Hovaghimian, who is a partner at Graph Ventures and Michael Marquez, the founding partner of the investment bank Code Advisors LLC, in a special advisor role.

Hovaghimian has the necessary experience to take on this project as he is also the co-founder of a football venture in which Messi’s company is investing and is preparing to be launched before the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup kicks off in November.

“From the time I met Leo and the Messi family in 2017, it was clear that their vision for the future is bold,” Hovaghimian said in a statement.

He also explained how the family wants to continue to have a direct and lasting impact on and off the pitch.