Megan Rapinoe blasts abuse cases on USWNT

U.S. forward Megan Rapinoe described as horrible the independent report published last Monday that revealed “systematic abuse” within professional women’s soccer in the United States.

The report, released by attorney Sally Q. Yates, states that Portland Thorns owner Merrit Paulson and Chicago Red Stars owner Arnim Whisler have allegations of abuse.

At a press conference prior to the USWNT-England match, Rapinoe said she was tired of players having to come out and talk about these types of abuse cases instead of soccer.

Megan Rapinoe sees “horrible” report on abuse in U.S. women’s professional soccer.

“It’s horrible. Even when you know about it, it’s horrible to read it over and over again. It’s been difficult for the players, some of them play for those clubs, they’ve been coached by those coaches, and they’ve probably been abused in one way or another by some of those coaches or in some of those environments, or different environments, young environments, whatever it is,” Rapinoe said Thursday at a press conference ahead of her national team’s friendly against England.

“I don’t think Merritt Paulson is fit to own that team (Portland), I don’t think Arnim Whisler is fit to own Chicago. We need those people gone. Those people are in positions that have responsibilities and they did not fulfill those responsibilities. None of those people have proven that they deserve to be in this beautiful game,” Rapinoe added.

Rapinoe shared her experience with coaches accused of sexual and emotional abuse

“Rory [Dames] has been a jerk for as long as I’ve known him, from the first second I heard him on the sideline the first season I played. Paul [Riley] is the same way. I didn’t know Christy Holly personally, but everything I heard about him was horrible. I feel like we know, unfortunately we’ve had a little bit of practice and I think we’re used to historically being talked about in a negative or condescending way and that’s something we’ve had to overcome.”