Man Utd News: The Glazer family appears to cave in, they’re open to selling Manchester United

Hours after parting ways with one of their historic figures, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United’s ownership has announced they’ll be exploring strategic alternatives to boost the club and having it best interests in mind, that could include accepting investment of selling the club entirely.

The Glazer family owns Manchester United since 2005, but they’ve face fierceful opposition to their ownership, specially after the club acquired a huge amount of debt after they applied a leveraged buy-out.

Manchester United released a statement from the Glazer’s

This Tuesday, Manchester United and the Glazer family announced that the club’s board is commencing the process of exploring strategic alternatives for the team, a process that is designed to enhance Manchester United’s future growth, with the ultimate goal of positioning the club to capitalize on opportunities both on the pitch and commercially.

“As part of this process, the board will consider all strategic alternatives, including new investment into the club, a sale, or other transactions involving the company.”

Manchester United could be sold for over $2.5 billion british pounds, the selling price that Chelsea had, just a few months ago.

Jim Ratcliffe, a British billionaire has raised his hand in the past and shown his interest in buying the team, but his latest comments referred to the Glazer family refusing to sell the club, but perhaps now it’s different.

“We will evaluate all options to ensure that we best serve our fans and that Manchester United maximizes the significant growth opportunities available to the club today and in the future. Throughout this process we will remain fully focused on serving the best interests of our fans, shareholders, and various stakeholders”, was expressed by the Glazer family.

Man Utd News: Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez buy the most expensive house in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo has already made arrangements with Erik ten Hag to return to training camp with Manchester United, but everything indicates that in January 2023 he will leave the Red Devils, and after he bought the most expensive house in Portugal, rumors began that his career will continue in his homeland.

Cristiano and Georgina’s new home

Ronaldo arrives at Manchester United’s training ground to begin his exhile from first team

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez bought a property in the region of Cascais, Portugal, and the value of their new villa is around $11 million euros, but with the remodeling and all the construction, it reaches a price of $21 million.

The next mansion of the Portuguese star became the most expensive house in Portugal and is now under construction, so it is likely that Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano will open in early 2023 their exclusive estate in Quinta da Marinha, one of the most prestigious residential areas of the so-called Portuguese Riviera, which includes the beautiful towns of Cascais, Estoril and Sintra.

The characteristics of CR7’s new villa

The real estate agency that took charge of Ronaldo’s new mansion pointed out that the characteristics of the villa are as follows: 2,720 square meters and are three floors. The built area is 544 square meters and includes gardens and a fabulous swimming pool.

Man Utd News: Cristiano Ronaldo approached Jordan Peterson for a therapy session to treat his depression

As he goes through what can probably be considered the most difficult moment of his career, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to seek out professional help. Even though he is considered an internet celebrity, folks may not realize the Jordan Peterson is actually quite the accomplished clinical psychologist. He’s published papers in the most prestigious medical journals all around the world.

The published author has often been considered a right-wing propagandist but Cristiano Ronaldo found his books very helpful. After reading one of them, the Manchester United forward decided to invite him to his home in Manchester during Peterson’s visit in the UK. About two weeks ago, Ronaldo posted an Instagram photo of him accompanied by Peterson with no further context in the publication.

Jordan was just a guest on Piers Morgan’s show and he was asked by the British presenter about his visit to Ronaldo. In the conversation, Piers revealed that Cristiano took therapy and seemed in much better shape after meeting with Jordan. But Peterson revealed many more details about their encounter. This is what Jordan said to Piers Morgan during their interview: “That’s what happens when you hang out with reprobate like me. He invited me to come and see him.

“He’d had some trouble in his life a few months ago and a friend of his sent him some of my videos and he said he’d watched those. Then he read one of my books and found it helpful, he wanted to talk. I went out to his house and we talked for about two hours. He showed me all his equipment for staying in tip-top condition, we talked about his companies. Mostly we talked about what he wanted in the future and some of the obstacles that he’s facing.”

Is Jordan Peterson Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Ted Lasso’?

As they discussed this mashup, Piers Morgan joked about Jordan Peterson’s role as a ‘Ted Lasso‘ figure in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life. Those to aren’t aware, this is a fictional character from the Emmy Award-winning sitcom of a motivational coach in the Premier League. Peterson liked that comparison and added: “Maybe he did realise to be missing this figure because he found it to some degree in those lectures and I always like to hear what people are up to and what they want.”

After the exchange and these revelations, it has been confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering depression and decided to seek professional help. It must be hard for one of the greatest footballers who ever lived to undergo this moment of obscurity. Hopefully, he can return to his best self as we approach the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.