Serie A: UEFA investigates Juventus over alleged financial violations

The First Chamber of the UEFA Financial Control Body (CFBF) has opened a formal investigation into Serie A side Juventus over possible breaches of Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play rules.

Their investigation will focus on alleged financial misconduct that was recently made public as a result of proceedings led by the Italian Companies and Stock Exchange Commission (CONSOB) and the public prosecutor in Turin.

The First Chamber of the CFCB concluded a settlement agreement with Juventus last August on the basis of the financial information previously submitted by the club for the period between 2018 and 2022.

“In the event that, after conclusion of this investigation, the club’s financial situation was significantly different from that assessed by the CFCB First Chamber at the time the settlement agreement was concluded,” reads the UEFA website, “or if new and substantial facts arise or become known, the CFCB First Chamber reserves the right to terminate the settlement agreement, take any legal step it may deem appropriate, and impose disciplinary measures in accordance with the applicable UEFA CFCB Procedural Rules.

“The CFCB First Chamber will cooperate with national authorities and will make no further comment on the matter while the investigation is ongoing.”

Del Piero reaction

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero took to social media to comment on the situation at the club.

Juventus are part of my life and, because of my history, I will always be connected to these colours,” Del Piero said on Twitter.

“Like any other fan, I am following this situation with attention and also for my work and my public role, I am inevitably asked comments in cases like this. So, equally inevitably, many things have been said and written.

“But this is a delicate moment for the club and now the only thing that matters and that those who love Juventus must do is to put in the best conditions the people entrusted with guiding the club in this complex phase.

“It’s a task of great responsibility that deserves all our support. It’s time to be even more Juventini now. For this reason, I think it is right not to comment on news and rumours which may turn into speculation. I will do so today and in the following days.

“I just want to wish good work to all those who are dealing with Juventus today; they will do so with the professionalism, dedication and passion that the club, the fans and our jersey deserve.”

Serie A: Cristiano Ronaldo’s future may seem a little brighter as this Serie A club is seriously interested in him

Cristiano Ronaldo has one foot and a half out of Manchester United. The relationship with coach ten Hag is broken and, given the worrying lack of minutes, the striker will seek to leave in the winter market.

Chelsea sounds like a possible destination but it is not the only one interested in the player. According to the English newspaper ‘The Sun’, Napoli appears as a solid candidate to take the five-time Ballon d’Or winner to Italy.

Napoli is very interested

During the summer transfer window, there was talk of a possible move for Cristiano to Napoli. However, there were never any talks between the two clubs and the striker had to stay in England. But now the interest reappears, according to people close to the player. His signing would mark a return to Serie A, where he played three seasons with Juventus, historic rivals of the southern Italian side.

What about payment?

Napoli says he would be an important addition to a club that leads Serie A and looks like a solid team to win the ‘scudetto’. However, there is the money situation. The player of the Italian club who earns the most per week is the Polish Zielinski (102 thousand euros). Meanwhile, Cristiano’s weekly salary with United is 411 thousand euros. An abysmal difference that the club cannot reach.

Would Cristiano Ronaldo reduce his salary?

Therefore, the directors would expect a significant salary reduction from Cristiano, something that ‘The Sun’ ensures that it can be negotiated. The Portuguese understand that if he wants to change teams, his financial expectations will have to be lowered. At 37 years old, it is difficult for a European club to bet on giving him a salary similar to the one he has now with United.

A strong team

Napoli is one of the main surprises in Europe this season. They lead Serie A undefeated, with 29 points out of a possible 33 so far. They also lead their Champions League group, ahead of Liverpool, Ajax and Rangers. With 17 goals, they are the highest-scoring team in the tournament. They have a goal difference of +13, also the best in the continental competition.