World Cup 2022: Tata Martino’s tragic end with Mexico: everything went wrong

In the absence of official confirmation, everything seems to indicate that Tata Martino‘s time at the helm of the Mexico National Team is numbered. Before the match against Saudi Arabia, it had already been leaked that the Argentinean would not continue with the team after the World Cup. The elimination in the group stage is the final trigger of a relationship that seems completely broken.

The moment Messi allegedly kicks a Mexico jersey during Argentina’s celebrations@Ramiro1291

Mexico’s painful farewell to the World Cup

Mexico came within a hair’s breadth of advancing to the next stage, but luck was not on their side. With one more goal, they would have made it to the next stage and there were plenty of chances. Henry Martin had one of the clearest chances, but his shot went over the goal. Argentina could not give the final blow to Poland, who with a 3-0 win would have said goodbye to Qatar and would have given El Tri the pass.

Tata was criticized for his lack of determination in his approach, especially in the match against Argentina, where he was accused of “helping” the ‘Albiceleste‘. Today the coach opted for a more offensive team and was finally able to break the drought of five games without scoring in the World Cups. Despite scoring two goals, it was not enough.

Massive fight in the stands between Argentina and Mexico fans

Tata Martino’s tragic endings

The coach suffers another heavy blow at the helm of a dugout. With Argentina he failed to win the Copa America in 2015 and 2016. His failure with the South American national team cost him the position. Now, again a failure will leave him without a team, as all reports from the Mexican press point out.

In the end, Tata sinned with his own mistakes and was left empty-handed when it was too late for an answer. The team’s lack of punch cost the Mexican National Team the World Cup. Despite the fact that one more goal would have qualified them, El Tri left the suspense for the last minutes and was also punished by the effectiveness of the Arabs, who found themselves with a counterattack that they culminated to perfection.

World Cup 2022: Canelo Alvarez vs. Lionel Messi: Argentine striker refuses to apologize to Mexican boxer

Saúl Canelo Álvarez acknowledged his mistake and offered apologies, and now it was Lionel Messi‘s turn to speak and he is clear: at no time did he disrespect Mexico with the controversy created by the comments of the Mexican boxer and assured that he does not have to apologize.

Lionel Messi’s first words

The moment Messi allegedly kicks a Mexico jersey during Argentina’s celebrations@Ramiro1291

After Argentina’s victory over Poland to confirm itself as leader of Group C in the 2022 World Cup, Messi was questioned about what happened on Saturday in the Albiceleste’s dressing room, where he allegedly kicked a Mexico shirt that was on the floor, which upset Canelo, but the soccer player ended the controversy and assured that it was never a lack of respect.

“It was a misunderstanding. Those who know me know that I don’t disrespect anyone. These are things that happen in the locker room after the game. I don’t have to ask for forgiveness because I didn’t disrespect the people of Mexico or the jersey,” Messi said.

Canelo was so upset that he wrote on his social networks that he asked God not to meet the PSG player, and his comments generated the anger of several people, including Messi’s friends, teammates, compatriots and even Mexican players who agreed with the Argentina player.

Canelo Álvarez with his daughter Emily celebrating her birthday

Canelo repented and offered apologies

Canelo had to assume his mistake and said, in the same social network, that he got carried away by passion and that is why he criticized Messi on Sunday, but now calmer he showed repentance and even offered apologies to Messi and Argentina.

“These last few days I got carried away by the passion and love I feel for my country and made comments that were out of place so I want to apologize to Messi and the people of Argentina. Every day we learn something new and this time it was my turn,” the boxer commented on his Twitter account.

World Cup 2022: USMNT vs. Mexico: Has Team USA ever played elimination games and El Tri not in a World Cup?

The United States qualified for the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup after defeating the Iranian national team 1-0 in their last Group B game, meaning that the team now led by coach Gregg Berhalter has advanced past the first round in the last three major world soccer tournaments they have played (not including their absence at Russia 2018).

The ‘American Outlaws’ in Buffalo went wild celebrating Christian Pulisic’s heroic goal against Iran@AOBuffalo

Mexico, with seven consecutive World Cups in the Round of 16

However, this is not the most impressive record among CONCACAF teams, as Mexico has so far qualified for the Round of 16 in seven consecutive World Cups and in eight consecutive participations (not including its absence at Italy 1990).

These data suggest that if El Tri, as everything seems to indicate, does not make it to the Round of 16 when they face Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, it will be the first time that the USMNT has reached a World Cup elimination game without Mexico doing so.

USMNT supporters in DC went wild after vital Iran win: “I believe that we have won!”@Michael_Lipin

Uruguay 1930, when the U.S. overcame Mexico

This information would be true if we do not take into account the first World Cup in history, Uruguay 1930, 92 years ago was the only time this situation occurred, so we remember how that tournament was for both CONCACAF national teams.

Party in Argentina dressing room after win against Mexico

Mexico was placed in Group 1 along with France, Argentina and Chile. El Tri played its first match in the history of the World Cups and lost 4-1 against Les Bleus, later succumbed 3-0 against the Andeans and said goodbye with another 6-3 defeat against the Albiceleste.

For its part, the United States was in Group 4 along with Paraguay and Belgium. The North American team’s debut was against the Europeans, whom they defeated 3-0, the same score with which they defeated the Guaranes.

These results gave the USMTN a pass to the semifinals where they faced Argentina, the South American team won 6-1.

World Cup 2022: U.S. delivers “another blow” to Mexico as it has a better chance to win the World Cup

The soccer level has gradually grown in the United States and many doubt that Mexico is the “Concacaf Giant”. Now that the 2022 World Cup is being played in Qatar, the team coached by Gregg Berhalter has a better chance than the Tricolor of becoming world champion, something that looks very complicated for both, but the team of the Stars and Stripes is better positioned in a study that was carried out.

According to a study by the University of Innsbruck, the Mexican national team is in 20th place among the 32 teams favored to lift the title on December 18, while the United States is in 17th place, with 0.2% and 0.6% chances, respectively.

The ‘American Outlaws’ in Buffalo went wild celebrating Christian Pulisic’s heroic goal against Iran@AOBuffalo

What is the probability of being World Cup champion based on?

“The forecast is based on a conditional inference random forest learning that combines information that captures the past, present and future of the soccer teams in which they compete: knowledge of the past, where it is captured in an estimate of capacity for each team based on historical matches,” according to the study.

It was conducted by Andreas Groll, Neele Hormann, Christophe Ley, Gunther Schauberger, Hans Van Eetvelde, Achim Zeileis, who unveiled the probabilities of each team based on historical information, the expectation that each team generates and the actuality of each team.

The moment Messi allegedly kicks a Mexico jersey during Argentina’s celebrations@Ramiro1291

“Expectations about the future in the upcoming tournament are captured in an estimate of each team’s ability based on international bookmakers’ odds. The current status of the teams (and their countries) is represented by covariates such as market value or types of players in the team, as well as country-specific socio-economic factors such as population or GDP,” they add.

Brazil, the top favorite for the title

The top favorite to lift the title is the Brazilian national team, with a 15% chance, ahead of Argentina (11.2%), which was already Mexico’s opponent in the group stage with a 2-0 win for the Albiceleste.

World Cup 2022: Canelo Alvarez vs. Lionel Messi: Mexican boxer backs live his fury against the Argentine striker

The controversy between Canelo Alvarez and Lionel Messi on Twitter added a new chapter this Monday night, in an unexpected space. The Mexican boxer spoke exclusively for the World Cup comedy show “Qu importa el Mundial” of the Mexican channel Imagen Televisin.

There he explained the reasons for his anger against the Argentinean star for sullifying a symbol that Mexicans respect (although it is not official), such as the jersey of one of the Mexican national teams.

The moment Messi allegedly kicks a Mexico jersey during Argentina’s celebrations@Ramiro1291

Why is Canelo upset with Messi?

“The context is this: with the fans you can’t control when their emotion overflows and they can throw the flag, throw the jersey whatever. That we can’t control, because it’s an overflowing fanaticism. But I represent a country or a Nation and if I fight against an Argentinean I can’t grab their flag and trample on it,” Saul Alvarez said.

Canelo recovering from left hand surgery@Canelo

Therefore, Canelo considers that Messi’s action, although it was not intended to mock Mexicans or is a gesture of superiority after Saturday’s match in Lusail, is not a good example for sportsmen of global impact, as they are:

“We are setting a very fucking example, in very bad taste. One that is an example for a nation, for some children, for many people. We have to set an example and since the shirt is on the ground, there is a lack of respect,” Canelo Alvarez said.

Canelo lvarez with his daughter Emily celebrating her birthday

Would Canelo forgive Messi with an apology?

Journalist Javier Alarcn alluded to some of those who intervened in the controversy who explained to the boxer that, in the soccer environment, this type of acts are not seen badly or considered an affront, so he asked him if “an apology from Messi or the Argentine Football Association, would be enough”:

“It’s not that, I have no need for him to say it (an apology). The truth is that I don’t expect that and I’m not going to expect it. But what I said is the person I am. I will always defend my country, I don’t care,” Canelo said. “I would just tell him what it is: ‘you screwed up, asshole, and accept it and apologize,’ period, and if not, I’ll slap him in the fucking face and that’s it.”

World Cup 2022: Canelo Alvarez vs. Lionel Messi: Public disapproval knocks out Mexican boxer, seriously damaging his public image

Canelo Alvarez got into a battle he will never win and the soccer media has let him know it and not for defending Lionel Messi, but because those who were in a locker room know that the jerseys are scattered everywhere and do not care about them.

The Messi’s video that provoked Canelo to leave is an example, it is not seen at any time that the Argentinean star has the intention of mocking or making fun of the Mexican National Team‘s jersey, besides, it is a piece of clothing, it is not the flag and there is no offense against the country. The only one offended is the Mexican boxer.

The moment Messi allegedly kicks a Mexico jersey during Argentina’s celebrations@Ramiro1291

The first to speak out in defense of Messi and to point out Sal lvarez’s ignorance in soccer were Kun Agero and Cesc Fbregas, but more soccer players and ex-players have joined the conversation. These are opinions that are worth paying attention to, not those who work in the media and have never been on a soccer field, such as ESPN hosts David Faitelson and lvaro Morales, who never miss an opportunity to get involved in the controversy.

Messi adds defenders against Canelo

Former Barcelona player and TUDN commentator Marc Crosas exploded at the attention given to Canelo’s threat and described the controversy as absurd because “sweaty clothes are always on the dressing room floor”.

Canelo lvarez with his daughter Emily celebrating her birthday

Also Mexican striker Alan Pulido asked not to invent with a “cheap news and make controversy”, since in the video it is appreciated that Messi does not kick the Mexico jersey.

“Stop wanting to invent cheap news and make controversy in something that makes no sense, Messi does not kick or step on any shirt of the Mexican National Team, for those who do not know much about soccer, that is normal in a dressing room, it is clearly seen that he wants to remove the stud,” Pulido wrote on Twitter.

Also, former Argentine soccer player Diego Latorre, who played in Mexican soccer for Cruz Azul and is now a commentator for ESPN Argentina called for sanity and for Sal lvarez to reconsider his opinion and leave aside “absurd nationalisms.”

Massive fight in the stands between Argentina and Mexico fans

“It would be necessary for Canelo to reconsider his position of using Messi’s soccer and human prestige to generate empathy with absurd nationalisms that have nothing to do with the spirit of a soccer match,” Latorre posted on Twitter.

What happened between Canelo and Messi?

In a video of Argentina’s celebration of its first World Cup victory, Messi can be seen lightly kicking Mexico’s jersey while trying to remove his shoes.

Canelo blew the situation out of proportion by taking to Twitter to express his frustration with Messi.

“Did you see Messi wiping the floor with our jersey and flag?” tweeted Alvarez. He better pray to God he doesn’t find him. Just as I respect Argentina, he has to respect Mexico! I’m not talking about the country as a whole, what Messi did,” Canelo said.

World Cup 2022: Mexican national team close to fulfilling promise of historic World Cup, the wrong way

The performance of the Mexican National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup is close to becoming the worst of all its participations, as they have not scored a single goal, and could be out of the group stage for the first time in the last eight editions.

Mexico has had worse World Cups, but has always scored at least one goal

Massive fight in the stands between Argentina and Mexico fans

If El Tri remains scoreless against Saudi Arabia, then it will become the first time Mexico has failed to score once in its three matches in the mandatory phase of the World Cup, in a disastrous performance. Since the first edition, in Uruguay 1930, Mexico has scored at least once.

When Mexico went to the World Cup in Argentina 1978, they left with three defeats, and left a bad taste in their mouths, but at least they scored twice, something that has not happened in Qatar, the occasion when they scored the fewest goals was England 1966, where they only scored one goal in three matches.

Chile 1962, the last time they failed to score in their first two games

Party in Argentina dressing room after win against Mexico

We have to go all the way back to the 1962 World Cup in Chile when Mexico went blank after 180 minutes. The first game was a 2-0 defeat against Brazil, and the following game Spain won 1-0. But in the last group match, Mexico beat the then “invincible” Czechoslovakia 3-1, but were eliminated.

Mexico: Four World Cup editions that have lost all their matches

In Argentina 78 they lost all three games, but in three other editions they also lost all their matches, in Uruguay 1930, Brazil 1950, Switzerland 1954 and Argentina 1978.

At least in that category, Mexico has already secured at least one point, as a result of a 0-0 draw against Poland in the debut game.

World Cup 2022: USMNT, Mexico and Canada bow to unexpected “CONCACAF Giants” in Qatar 2022

Four teams are representing CONCACAF in the World Cup of Qatar 2022, three of them obtained their ticket directly, Canada, Mexico and the United States and the other one had to resort to an intercontinental playoff, Costa Rica, and despite one of the worst starts in the history of this great event, the numbers are clear and are in their favor.

The Central Americans started the tournament with a scandalous 7-0 defeat at the hands of the powerful Spanish national team, which put them as the main candidate to be the last place among the 32 teams attending Qatar 2022.

Massive fight in the stands between Argentina and Mexico fans

Costa Rica recovered from the worst possible start

However, this Sunday they pulled off a great surprise by defeating Japan by a score of 1-0, which placed them in third place in Group E equal with the Asians in points and one point behind the Iberians, surprisingly, the last place is held by Germany with only 1 point.

But the most impressive thing of all is that after all the CONCACAF teams have already played two of their three first round games, the Ticos are the only ones who have managed to win and only they and the United States can say that if they win their last game it is 100% certain that they will play in the round of 16.

The moment Messi allegedly kicks a Mexico jersey during Argentina’s celebrations@Ramiro1291

What do CONCACAF teams need to do to qualify for the round of 16?

Costa Rica will face Germany in their last game of the first phase, while the USMNT will face Iran, the advantage that “La Sele” has against Team USA is that even a draw could give them qualification if Spain and Japan do not draw, while, if Gregg Berhalter’s team draws or loses, they are eliminated.

Mexico has 1 point and will be in its eighth consecutive World Cup in the round of 16 if they beat Saudi Arabia by four goals or with complicated combinations in the duel between Argentina and Poland, while Canada is mathematically eliminated after losing its first two games.

World Cup 2022: Mexico vs. Argentina: Tri fans’ mockery of Falklands War infuriates Argentinian fans

On Wednesday, the aggression between Argentine and Mexican fans was physical during the Qatar 2022 World Cup. This Thursday’s was verbal, but it hurt more than anything else to a fan of the Albiceleste, who said he could stand anything, except for them to mess with the Falklands, “aggression” that is part of the new battle cry of the Tricolor fans for the match to be held on Saturday at the Lusail Stadium.

Mexicans’ mockery of the Falklands War

Mexico fans in Qatar rile up Argentina supporters with Falkland Islands chant@okdobleamarilla

Two days before the vital match between the teams of both countries in the 2022 World Cup to be played in Qatar, the fans are the ones who continue to heat up the match, which began on Wednesday in the streets with a fight, after which there were no arrests and no report from the local police.

This Thursday a video was released on social networks where Mexican fans in a truck chant “and you see, and you see, in the Falklands they speak English”, referring to the Falklands War, the armed conflict between the South American country and England.

But an Argentina fan was present and got up annoyed and indignant, to tell the Mexicans that he puts up with anything but being made fun of like that. “No, no, not that. This is as far as we go, I allow you all of them, but not that one,” said the fan of Argentina’s national team.

An intense duel is expected in the stands and on the field

Fan violence at the World Cup: Mexican and Argentinian fans clash in Qatar-s.g.

The game between Mexicans and Argentines is of vital importance for both after their debut in Qatar 2022, where the Tricolor drew goalless against Poland, while Argentina was surprisingly beaten 2-1 by Saudi Arabia.

Thus, Saturday’s game in front of 80,000 spectators takes on relevance, as a win for either team would be a big break towards the round of 16, but a loss for Argentina would be catastrophic and would eliminate them from the World Cup.

World Cup 2022: USMNT, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica: Which CONCACAF team has the best odds in the remainder of Qatar 2022?

CONCACAF definitely did not have a good start to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, as for the first time since South Africa 2010, none of the representatives of this Confederation managed to get a victory in their first game during this tournament.

First, the United States gave up an early lead to draw with Wales in Group B, a day later, Mexico could not beat a rocky Poland and drew goalless in Group C, the next day the story was much worse, first Spain humiliated Costa Rica, who took the worst drubbing so far in this competition by losing 7-0 in Group E and finally Canada suffered terrible refereeing decisions to fall 1-0 against the powerful Belgium in Group F.

Fan violence at the World Cup: Mexican and Argentinian fans clash in Qatar-s.g.

Odds of CONCACAF teams for winning their Group

Obviously, because they earned at least one point in their debut, the odds of winning their group are higher for the USMNT and Mexico than for Canada and Costa Rica, but if we look at the odds of winning their group, we can see which country has an easier path to the Round of 16.

If we take the parameter of winning their Group from Vegasinsider. com, Tata Martino‘s El Tri would be the most likely to advance for the eighth consecutive time to the round of 16, according to the aforementioned website, it pays +300 ($300 profit for every $100 bet), in the case of Gregg Berhalter‘s USMNT it is +600 ($600 profit for every $100 bet), Canada’s is +1,000 ($1,000 profit for every $100 bet) and Costa Rica’s is +1,500 ($1,500 profit for every $100 bet).

Families of all 26 USMNT players send a heartfelt ‘good luck’ from homeUSMNT

Odds of CONCACAF teams for advancing to the quarterfinals

However, if we take another parameter as the odd to reach at least the quarterfinals, in this case the United States occupies the first place at Draftkings Sportsbook with +450 ($450 profit per $100 wagered), Mexico is second with +500 ($500 profit per $100 wagered), Canada remains in third place with +1,200 ($1,200 profit per $100 wagered) and Costa Rica is not only the last place of CONCACAF, it is the last place of the 32 national teams of the World Cup with a +8,000 ($8,000 profit per $100 wagered).