World Cup 2022: Nike Footballverse: The best World Cup commercial reveals who is better: 2006’s Ronaldo or 2022’s Mbappe?

We are just a few days away from the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and different brands are doing their best to score a goal with the spectators. One of them is Nike, which released a spectacular commercial with a multiverse of soccer stars.

What is the Footballverse all about?

The incredible commercial is titled The FC Footballverse and begins with a one-on-one between Mbapp and Ronaldinho. In an almost 5-minute video, Nike brought together several soccer idols from the past few years who compete in “a scientific experiment” to see who is the best player among them all.

Nike’s incredible retro-futuristic commercial for Qatar 2022: a true CGI masterpiece@Nike-YT

Stars such as Kylian Mbapp, Ronaldhino, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alex Morgan are teleported into a laboratory to demonstrate their skills to the rhythm of the iconic 80s song Weird Science by Oingo Bongo.

Notably absent is another living soccer legend, Lionel Messi, but considering that Adidas, Nike’s historic rival, usually responds to these ads, we’d be surprised to see him in an ad.

Who’s involved in the Footballverse?

Things get out of hand and the scientists decide to rescue many more players from other eras, leaving a show that many would pay to see in real life. The cast of stars that appear is on par with Nike’s greatest productions, and the list is made up of none other than:

Cristiano Ronaldo (2022 and 2004 version).

Kylian Mbappe.

Ronaldo (2022, 2002 and 1998 versions).

Ronaldinho (2006 version).

Alex Morgan.

Virgil Van Dijk.

Sam Kerr.

Kevin DeBruyne.

Leah Williamson.

Phil Foden.

Carli Lloyd (2015 version).

Christian Jr.

Shane Kluivert.

Edgar Davids (2000 version).

“Footballverse exemplifies Nike’s long-held belief that the future of sport has infinite potential, and encourages a new generation of footballers to prove it,” Nike said in a statement.

Another setback for Mbappe: No longer the world’s most valuable player

Kylian Mbappe is set to be the next superstar of world football, which is why he was the most valued player on the planet at 170 million euros not long ago.

His numbers and achievements at such a young age are already impressive, and there is certainly a lot more to come.

However, another player has appeared on the scene and has snatched the label of the most valuable player from the Frenchman. It is the Norwegian striker Erling Haaland who, in the last update, has dethroned the PSG player.

How much is Haaland worth?

Transfermarkt updated its ranking of the most valuable players and the Manchester City forward is now top of the pile.

He went from having a valuation of 156 million euros to 170 million euros, surpassing the estimated figure for Mbappe.

Haaland joined Manchester City this season for 60m euros and has made an instant impact, becoming the top scorer in the Premier League with 17 goals and another five in the Champions League.

For his part, Mbappe’s value has dropped from 170m euros to 160m. Despite signing a mega contract extension with PSG and starting the season well, it was not enough for the Frenchman to stay at the top of this list.

At 23 years of age, he still has room to regain his position as the most valuable player and even increase his market value to over 200m.

Since Transfermarkt has compiled the list, it is the first time a Premier League player has topped the list. In the top 10 positions, four are from the Premier League, an example of the economic might of what for many is the best league competition in the world.

These are the 10 most valuable players in the world

  1. Erling Haaland: 170m euros
  2. Kylian Mbapp: 160m euros
  3. Vinicius Junior: 120m euros
  4. Phil Foden: 110m euros
  5. Jude Bellingham: 90m euros
  6. Pedri: 90m euros
  7. Bukayo Saka: 90m euros
  8. Harry Kane: 90m euros
  9. Dusan Vlahovic: 85m euros
  10. Jamal Musiala: 80m euros

Mbappe might earn the largest contract in sports history if he fulfills the current deal with PSG, reports

According to the French tabloid Le Parisien, Kylian Mbappe the largest contract in football last May.

In the contract, Mbappe agreed to play for PSG for two more seasons with an additional -optional- year.

However, the small letters, and the astronomical figures made Mbappe’s contract, is the highest sports deal ever signed.

The words Mbapp already regrets saying: “I’m delighted to stay at PSG”

Mbappe’s highest contract ever

If Kylian Mbappe decides to fulfill his current contract, which expires in 2025, the French attacking player will get a total of 630 million Euros.

The contract is divided into three parts:

  • Mbappe’s wage: 72 million Euros per season
  • Signing Bonus: 180 million Euros divided into three payments
  • Loyalty Bonus: If Mbappe stays in 2023 in PSG he will get 70 million Euros extra, 80 million more if he stays in 2024, and additional 90 million Euros if he stays until 2025.

Mbappe’s contract compared to Messi’s deal

In 2017, Lionel Messi renewed his contract with Barcelona and secured $138 million per season. Barcelona used similar clauses to pay Messi more than $550 million.

FC Barcelona paid Messi through a renewal clause and a loyalty clause. It was the same method used by PSG with Mbappe. Nevertheless, the Frenchman’s contract surpasses Messi’s by more than $100 million.

Mbappe and PSG signed the largest contract in football if he doesn’t leave the French capital city.

Neymar secured $267 million over six years until 2023. Below him, other mega-contracts were Cristiano Ronaldo’s with Juventus, Gareth Bale’s with Real Madrid in 2016, and Pogba’s when he returned to Manchester United in the summer of 2016.

The awkward Florentino Prez and Zidane reunion… with Mbapp

The Ballon d’Or has been filled with very curious encounters that took place in the corridors and in the stalls of the Chatelet theatre. There was one that stood out involving Kylian MBapp and Florentino Prez. If on other occasions any gesture of one or the other was understood as an approximation, this time, the distance between the two was more than evident.

What happened last summer, with the addition of everything that has happened in the last week around the Frenchman’s future of wanting to leave PSG, has raised the perfect storm, but from Real Madrid they want to make clear there hasn’t been any kind of approach. There is no room for speculation about a possible interest from the club.

The striker and the president shared space for two hours. If a year ago Al Khelaifi did not want to miss the award ceremony for Leo Messi, on this occasion, the president of PSG did not want to be present at the tribute paid by France Football to Real Madrid.

It was not the only reunion. Zinedine Zidane and the president of Real Madrid met again after the coach said goodbye to the Madrid bench. Affectionate greeting between the two, with a kiss from the president to one of his star signings, as well as one of the most successful coaches in Madrid’s history.

The Frenchman has been present at the Bernabu, but in his private box, not in the honorary one. He has also been in Valdebebas seeing his two children who continue in the white quarry, but they had not coincided.

The words Mbapp already regrets saying: “I’m delighted to stay at PSG”

Mbapp shocked the world after he performed one of the biggest transfer U-turns in football transfer history last May. Despite his move to Real Madrid being virtually done at the time, with just his signature needed to confirm the move, Mbapp decided to stay at PSG.

It was on the 21st May 2022, when the party began in Paris. The Frenchman stepped on the Parc des Princes pitch to announce that he would be renewing with PSG until 2025, to the delight of almost 50,000 jubilant fans. “I’m happy to stay here, at this club, in this city, in Paris. I’m overwhelmed to continue here and I hope to continue winning titles at this club with all of you. Thank you so much!”, he said. The atmosphere was electric, everyone was happy.

I’m happy to stay here, at this club, in this city, in Paris.

Fast forward just 5 months and the situation couldn’t be more different. As exclusively reported by Marca, after several turbulent months (for various reasons), the rupture between Mbapp and the club has been confirmed. There has been a major fall-out, so much so that striker wants to leave the club this coming January. It’s still unknown if this is a viable option, but Liverpool is rumored to be an option.

Mbapp will now undoubtedly regret those words and his decision to renew at the club. It certainly hasn’t gone to plan. It remains to be seen whether there’s a solution to the Mbapp problem.