World Cup 2022: England fan yells ‘Free Palestine!’ on Israeli live TV, reporter is dumbfounded

A group of overjoyed England fans were interviewed after their nation’s clear win over Senegal in the round of 16 at the Qatar World Cup. One of them, in particular, made for an uncomfortable situation that left the interviewer shocked and not sure of how to react.

The reporter was conducting a live feed for an Israeli TV channel when he encountered the fans. He first asked them to be animated for the cameras and proceeded to ask them if football is indeed “coming home” to England. When one fan answered that he believed they would not have any issues against France, their rivals in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

However, one of the fans grabbed the microphone and yelled: “… and more importantly: free Palestine!

The Israeli reporter, clearly uncomfortable, tried to manage the situation by saying “football only”, and then asked another fan in the group another question about the Three Lions football team.

World Cup 2022: England and Wales fans come to blows in Tenerife ahead of upcoming World Cup game

Disgraceful images have surfaced of England and Wales fans coming to blows on the strip of the Spanish party Island, Tenerife. On Friday both teams played their second game of the World Cup, and tensions among Wales fans were clearly high as Gareth Bale’s team was defeated at the death by two late goals from Iran.

England then took on the USA, which turned out to be one of the most uninspiring and boring games so far at the tournament. Had England won the game, they would have confirmed their place in round 16. Instead, they failed to maintain the high standards of the Iran game with the match ending in a goalless draw.

Two sets of opposition fans, most likely highly intoxicated, within a small area is dangerous cocktail, a recipe for trouble. That was certainly the case of Wales and England fans in Tenerife who disgracefully and violently assaulted each other.

World Cup 2022: USMNT: Why draw vs. Wales could be the beginning of the end in Qatar 2022?

The USMNT and Wales played to a 1-1 draw that leaves the future of both teams in Qatar 2022 uncertain for their other two World Cup group games, however, all indications are that the easiest path to that goal is in favor of Gareth Bale and company, essentially due to the order of each team’s next two games.

Families of all 26 USMNT players send a heartfelt ‘good luck’ from homeUSMNT

In the next matchday of Group B of Qatar 2022, the United States will have what is expected to be their toughest challenge as they will have to face England, while Wales will have the obligation to beat Iran, which, based on what was seen on Monday, seems to be the weakest team in the section.

What’s next for the USMNT and Wales?

It is worth remembering that England defeated Iran 6-2 and that if they beat Team USA they will mathematically assure their pass to the round of 16, so they will surely go out with their luxury team to try to beat a team that, incredibly, they have not been able to beat twice in World Cups.

Psychic camel predicts England will beat Iran in their first World Cup match

That is why, if the logical results of the aforementioned games to be held on Friday are given, England would defeat the United States, Wales would beat Iran and then the situation for the final games would be a terrible scenario for Gregg Berhalter and company.

Wales have everything to reach the Round of 16

In the last series of matches, to be held on Tuesday, Wales would face England, who could keep some of their best players because they are already qualified and if they get a draw, even if the United States wins by many goals against Iran, they would be eliminated.

That is why not losing against England becomes vital for the United States, the mission seems very difficult, a draw against Wales could end up being fatal for the team coached by Gregg Berhalter.

World Cup 2022: Psychic camel predicts England will beat Iran in their first World Cup match

Any doubts England fans had about the Three Lions not winning their first Group game against Iran have been dispelled thanks to ‘Mystic Millie’, the psychic Camel

The camel, who is known for her future telling abilities, was recently tasked to predict the outcome of the first Group B game between England and Iran, which takes place on Monday at 1PM UK time. Millie had no doubt in her mind and when faced with the flags of the two countries and gestured clearly towards England, guaranteeing the victory of Gareth Southgate’s men.

The British newspaper, The Sun, spoke to the owners who revealed that the camel is “never wrong”. “It’s the best possible omen for Gareth and the boys. Getting past the group stage is in the bag”, they said.

Millie’s prediction has extra special significance at this year’s World Cup. In Qatar, the host of the 2022 edition, camels are extremely popular and bred on mass to satisfy the country’s love of camel racing. They’re also useful to move area the desert landscapes of the country.

In the 2010 South Africa World Cup, Paul the Octopus went viral after successfully predicting that Spain would defeat Holland in the final, which of course they went on to do.