Exclusive: The European Super League appoints new CEO, Florentino Perez’s dream is still alive

The European Super League continues to wait for the European Courts to pronounce themselves in 2023 in regards to whether or not there is a monopoly on football by UEFA. A22 Sports Management is the company in charge of sponsoring and helping the creation of the European Super League. In its advisory capacity, the group focuses on the general structure and the financial aspects of the hypothetical new competition.

As of Wednesday, the company will announce the hiring of 48 year-old Bernd Reichart as the CEO for the European Super League. He is an executive who recently held the position of General Director of the RTL Deutschland Group, according to the statement that MARCA has been able to access.

“The initial goal will be to initiate dialogue with a diverse group of interested parties in football, including clubs, players, trainers, fans, media and political officials. The objective is to facilitate the development of a sustainable sports model for European club competitions that reflect mutual interests and the wide range of fans and the general football community”, the statement reads.

Ceferin: Super League proponents must live in parallel worldAP

Bara and Juve face trouble in the current Champions League

Along with Real Madrid and their President Florentino Perez, one of the aspirations of these three clubs is to make a more competitive tournament and avoid games against clubs of a lesser competitive level. Despite Bara and Juventus admitting that they are practically out of the round of 16 of the current Champions League.

“The current situation of European football is characterized by a series of challenges that will not be solved by themselves. The presidents of Real Madrid,FC Barcelona, and the President of Juventus have recently presented their points of view on the problems they are facing with the current Champions League model. I believe that they are raising the correct questions and personally I am willing to listen to different voices so that the European football community can find the appropriate answers together. The game that we all love will benefit from honest and open dialogue, free of restrictions, about a brighter future through a serious reform”, says Reichart in the statement.

The awkward Florentino Prez and Zidane reunion… with Mbapp

The Ballon d’Or has been filled with very curious encounters that took place in the corridors and in the stalls of the Chatelet theatre. There was one that stood out involving Kylian MBapp and Florentino Prez. If on other occasions any gesture of one or the other was understood as an approximation, this time, the distance between the two was more than evident.

What happened last summer, with the addition of everything that has happened in the last week around the Frenchman’s future of wanting to leave PSG, has raised the perfect storm, but from Real Madrid they want to make clear there hasn’t been any kind of approach. There is no room for speculation about a possible interest from the club.

The striker and the president shared space for two hours. If a year ago Al Khelaifi did not want to miss the award ceremony for Leo Messi, on this occasion, the president of PSG did not want to be present at the tribute paid by France Football to Real Madrid.

It was not the only reunion. Zinedine Zidane and the president of Real Madrid met again after the coach said goodbye to the Madrid bench. Affectionate greeting between the two, with a kiss from the president to one of his star signings, as well as one of the most successful coaches in Madrid’s history.

The Frenchman has been present at the Bernabu, but in his private box, not in the honorary one. He has also been in Valdebebas seeing his two children who continue in the white quarry, but they had not coincided.