Christian Pulisic net worth: What is the fortune and salary of “Captain America”?

Christian Pulisic is an American soccer player that plays for Chelsea FC in the English Premier League and is also one of the United States Men’s National Team most important players, being their leader in offense while wearing the historic #10 jersey for the Stars and Stripes.

Pulisic was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1998 and has just made his debut in a FIFA World Cup at Qatar 2022 a couple of weeks ago.

His move from Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga to Chelsea FC holds the record for the most expensive transfer involving an American player ever.

Christian Pulisic net worth

Christian Pulisic is a professional soccer player that has an estimated net worth of between $10 and $14 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth and SoccerSouls, due to his play on the field as well as endorsements with international brands like Nike, Gatorade, EA Sports, Chipotle and many more.

His transfer from Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea FC was worth a record $73 million dollars, making him the American with the highest amount paid to be transferred.

Pulisic’s contract with Chelsea FC runs through the summer of 2024, right now he reportedly makes around $185,000 each week, an amount that will most likely increase when he negotiates a new contract with Chelsea FC or his next club.

Pulisic wants to lead the USMNT past the Round of 16

Despite exiting the USMNT’s last Group Stage match due to suffering an abdominal injury while scoring his team’s winning goal against Iran, Christian Pulisic is confident that he’ll be ready to face the Netherlands this Saturday in the game that kicks-off the Round of 16 at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

World Cup 2022: Tom Brady and Germany with a joint curse: The worst moments in their history?

The fates of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and the German national team seem to be linked ever since the seven-time Super Bowl winner visited Munich a couple of weeks ago to play and win the first NFL regular season game in that European country.

TB12 and the Bucs faced the Cleveland Browns as part of NFL Week 12 at the same time that Germany was playing for its life against the Spanish national team as part of the second day of Group E at Qatar 2022, the results for both were not necessarily the best.

Tom Brady got a gift as soon as he landed on GermanyTwitter: @Buccaneers

Tom Brady’s undefeated streak comes to an end

The former husband of Brazilian top model Gisele Bündchen snapped an unbeaten streak of 218 career games in which he went into the final two minutes with a lead of seven points or more by falling in overtime by a score of 23-17 to the Browns.

Meanwhile, Germany struggled to a 1-1 draw in the final minutes against Spain to stay alive ahead of the last day of the group stage, but now they must beat Costa Rica, because if they draw or lose they are eliminated.

Brady with Bucs in Munich: “We’ve got to figure it out, it’s a good place to do itAP

It is worth remembering that since the 1938 World Cup in France, Germany had not gone without a victory in the first two games of the World Cup and if we take into account the three games they played in Russia 2018, they have only one win in their last five World Cup games after being crowned in Brazil 2014.

Tom Brady and Germany play for their lives next

Despite their 5-6 losing record, Tampa Bay still leads the NFC South, but things continue to get more complicated than ever in their 23-year run.

English striker Gary Lineker once said, “Soccer is an 11 vs. 11 sport where Germany always wins,” perhaps if he had been born in the United States he would say, “Football is an 11 vs. 11 sport where Tom Brady always wins,” and in both cases he would be wrong today.

World Cup 2022: Tom Brady World Cup power ranking: Germany and Croatia at the top, Brazil and Costa Rica at the bottom

Tom Brady is the top star in NFL history, however, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t follow other sports, in fact, in his victory with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, he had the best words from the home of Bundesliga’s Bayern and once in the past season break he visited Old Trafford to watch a Cristiano Ronaldo game with Manchester United.

So we at Marca English got to speculate a bit now that the Qatar 2022 World Cup is starting, which would be the GOAT’s favorite national teams or which ones are down on this list.

Tom Brady got a gift as soon as he landed on GermanyTwitter: @Buccaneers

Clarification for the reader: It is clear to us that your favorite team is the United States, as you have always shown your love for Team USA, the rest is mere speculation.

Favorite Team (Option #1): Germany

Tom Brady met Germany for the first time in his life last weekend, his smile was noticeable with the thrilling win against the Seattle Seahawks in week 10, he surely has a good feeling about the four-time world champion Mannschaft.

Favorite Team (Option #2): Croatia

After a few years of estrangement, last week included love phrases with his former head coach with the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, who has family roots in this white country that finished as runner-up in the last World Cup in Russia 2018.

Gisele Bündchen spotted with new man Joaquim Valente in Costa Rica

Not Favorite Team (Option #1): Brazil

While the divorce with Brazilian top model, Gisele Bündchen, was amicable, it is clear that suffering and sadness has invaded TB12 in the last months of separation with his ex-wife with whom he was married for 13 years. As a couple, the seven-time Super Bowl winner and the former Victoria’s Secret Angel were never able to enjoy together one of the five world championships of the “Scratch du Oro”.

Not Favorite Team (Option #2): Costa Rica

Not only this Central American country is the resting place of his ex-wife, even this Monday Gisele Bündchen was photographed in this place with what is believed to be his new partner, Joaquim Valente, although he has not confirmed it, surely they were not the favorite photographs of the 45-year-old player.

Iker Casillas is back with another bizarre tweet: this time about his testicles

After making headlines earlier this month with a bizarre tweet, legendary Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has set Twitter ablaze with another viral post. This time, about his testicles.

“I’m really feeling like shooting myself in the testicles 7 times”, Casillas tweeted in Spanish. The tweet, posted at 2am in Spain time, where the former goalkeeper resides, amassed over 50 thousand likes in just a few hours.

His friend Ibai Llanos could be the motive behind the tweet

The post created mass confusion on social media. Until some users picked up on the fact that popular Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos had tweeted a very similar phrase just a few hours before. Is it a hacker again? Or a nod to his friend Ibai?

Just one hour after the strange tweet, Casillas shared a coherent and serious sounding opinion on Real Madrid’s Champions League loss, making it seem like the post was intentional on the former star goalkeeper’s part.

Iker Casillas claimed his account was hacked in infamous “gay” post

On October 8th, Casillas tweeted what was made to look as a ‘coming out’ message: “I hope you respect me: I’m gay. Happy Sunday.” After the post ended up going viral and even getting a reply from former Bara defender Carles Puyol, Iker Casillas assured that his account had been hacked and he asked for forgiveness from the LGBTQ+ community.

Man Utd News: Cristiano Ronaldo approached Jordan Peterson for a therapy session to treat his depression

As he goes through what can probably be considered the most difficult moment of his career, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to seek out professional help. Even though he is considered an internet celebrity, folks may not realize the Jordan Peterson is actually quite the accomplished clinical psychologist. He’s published papers in the most prestigious medical journals all around the world.

The published author has often been considered a right-wing propagandist but Cristiano Ronaldo found his books very helpful. After reading one of them, the Manchester United forward decided to invite him to his home in Manchester during Peterson’s visit in the UK. About two weeks ago, Ronaldo posted an Instagram photo of him accompanied by Peterson with no further context in the publication.

Jordan was just a guest on Piers Morgan’s show and he was asked by the British presenter about his visit to Ronaldo. In the conversation, Piers revealed that Cristiano took therapy and seemed in much better shape after meeting with Jordan. But Peterson revealed many more details about their encounter. This is what Jordan said to Piers Morgan during their interview: “That’s what happens when you hang out with reprobate like me. He invited me to come and see him.

“He’d had some trouble in his life a few months ago and a friend of his sent him some of my videos and he said he’d watched those. Then he read one of my books and found it helpful, he wanted to talk. I went out to his house and we talked for about two hours. He showed me all his equipment for staying in tip-top condition, we talked about his companies. Mostly we talked about what he wanted in the future and some of the obstacles that he’s facing.”

Is Jordan Peterson Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Ted Lasso’?

As they discussed this mashup, Piers Morgan joked about Jordan Peterson’s role as a ‘Ted Lasso‘ figure in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life. Those to aren’t aware, this is a fictional character from the Emmy Award-winning sitcom of a motivational coach in the Premier League. Peterson liked that comparison and added: “Maybe he did realise to be missing this figure because he found it to some degree in those lectures and I always like to hear what people are up to and what they want.”

After the exchange and these revelations, it has been confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering depression and decided to seek professional help. It must be hard for one of the greatest footballers who ever lived to undergo this moment of obscurity. Hopefully, he can return to his best self as we approach the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.