How to Play Craps? Best Tips for Beginner Players 2022

Investing a bit of effort in learning craps fundamentals will instantly pay dividends in the form of pure joy and excitement at the craps table. This thrilling game is great for beginners but the experience gets better as they learn how to play craps.

Online gambling can be a practice before joining actual table that is much more exciting because of the community spirit. However, online version of the game is still exciting even though lacking that unique environment.

What Is Craps?

It’s the dice game that gathers huge crowds of gamblers. One of them rolls the dice and they all win or lose together. The way it’s played online is a bit different as players don’t get to physically throw dice. The outcome of the roll is decided randomly generated by the software. To win, you need to guess which number comes up next.

The Basic Rules When Playing Craps

There are many rules, but beginners don’t need to know them all. Learning a few key ones is enough to gain confidence and join the table. The goal is to get the total of the dice values that you wager on. The game offers multiple betting opportunities some of them safer some riskier. A round can last one roll or dozens until a certain number comes up.

The first roll will result in one of three outcomes: lose, win or the point is established. In case of the latter outcome, the round continues to the second stage and the new goal is to roll or not to roll the number received after the first roll (point). Players will keep shooting until either seven or the point number comes up and in the meantime are allowed to place multiple other bets.

These are all basic rules. Casinos also set rules on how much can be wagered on certain bets and you need to know them to place the right amount. But as an online gambler, you don’t have to remember that information as the game will stop you from making mistakes.

How Do You Play Craps

Usually, to join the table, you need to wait before an OFF button appears on the table. This indicates that one round is over and wagers are accepted for a new round. When playing in physical casinos, there are certain rules to follow such as where to keep your chips and how to behave at the table. But they aren’t applied to online gambling.

Open the Table. The first step is to find a casino offering craps and load a game. It can be an RNG type of game with software-generated results. Or it can be a live dealer game. At the time of writing, there’s only one live craps game, which is produced by Evolution. Unlike in physical venues, live casino craps have only one person in charge of a table. A dealer is a stick man at the same time, and the role of the shooter is performed by a unique mechanical arm.

Choose Your Stake. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll usually have chips displayed. Choose chip value and click on a certain part of the table to place a bet. Click multiple times if you want to bet more than the value of a single chip. There’s a bunch of bets allowed for the first roll, but the basic one is Pass. So, choose a chip value and click on the Pass on the table.

how to play craps

Bet on the Come-Out Roll. Come out roll is the very first roll of the round and will decide whether it will be a one-roll or multiple-roll round. Pass Line bet is an immediate winner if the dice gives 7 or 11 on this roll. If instead, it’s 2, 3, or 12 you lose. But any other total will lead to the third scenario.

The first total becomes the Point that should come up before 7 in the later rolls. The dice will be thrown an unlimited number of times until either point or 7 comes up and in the meantime, players are allowed to place Come wagers that are similar to Pass bet but are only available once the point is established.

  • Here’s an example. Suppose the first roll is 6. This number becomes the point and the round continues. Now you need 6 to win and 7 to lose. Any other number doesn’t matter. Suppose the second roll is 8, it means nothing happens and the dice must be thrown again. The third roll is 12 – nothing happens as we only care about our point and 7. If on the fourth roll you get 6, your Pass bet wins.

To spice things up after the point is established, players can place Come bet. That means another game within the current game. Just as with a Pass bet, the first roll after Come bet is placed will make you lose if 2, 3 or 11 comes up and win if 7 or 11 is rolled, or the game will proceed to the next stage where a player needs the same total to win and 7 makes them lose.

Take Note of the “Point”. After the Point is established, ON button will be placed on the corresponding number so that players don’t have to remember it. This becomes the most important number along with 7. Either one of them will end the round.

Place Your Bets. Players can add more excitement by placing new bets once the point is established. Or they simply can make Pass Line wager and enjoy extra rolls at no additional cost. Besides Pass, there are a lot of other bets that can be placed, the most common being Come and Odds. The latter is a supporting bet on the same outcome and players expect that the Point number will come up before 7. But unlike Pass Line bet, which pays 1 to 1, Odds payouts vary depending on the Point.

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  • In case 6 or 8 is rolled the payoff it’s 6:5
  • 5 or 9 – 3:2
  • 4 or 10 – 2:1

This is because the chances of rolling different numbers vary. Odds bets are the only craps bets with a 0% house edge. That’s why some experts recommend placing a minimum Pass Line bet and combine it with the max Odds bet to maximize return.

Types of Bets You Can Place

We’ve already discussed Pass, Come, and Odds bets, but there are more wager types. These three are the most common bets and those with the lowest house edge. Others are often called Sucker bets, because they aren’t lucrative for gamblers even though some of them offer nice payouts, such as 30:1.


After the point number is established, place bets are turned on and you can choose to bet any number at the top of the table, which are called Place bets. Just like Odds, Place bet payouts vary depending on the chances of hitting a win. This type of bet means that you think that the number you choose will come up before 7, and if it does, you’ll get paid.


In the middle of the table, there’s a Field bet. It can be placed at any stage of the round, before or after the point is established. As you can see on the table, it’s one big sector with seven numbers listed. When you place a Field bet, you wager on all of these numbers at the same time expecting one of them to come up in the next roll. Unlike other bets, there’s only one roll to decide if you win or lose.

  • Suppose you place a Field bet and the next roll gives a total of 10. In this case, you win because 10 is one of those seven Field numbers along with 2, 3, 4, 9, 11 and 12. If, in contrast, the next roll is 5, then you lose.


This is the basic bet. In physical casinos, players can’t be a shooter unless they make this bet. But in online gambling shooters aren’t there and you can start by placing other bets as well. If you bet on Pass, you expect to see 7 or 11 on the first roll. This will make you win instantly. If not, you at least want to roll 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. These numbers give you another chance of winning and additional betting opportunities. But when 2, 3 and 12 are rolled, you lose.

If you keep forgetting what numbers are winners and losers, look at the top portion of the table. You’ll see there: 4, 5, six, 8, nine and 10. Whenever these numbers come up, the game gets to the second phase. The remaining 5 numbers end the round in the first phase. 7 and 11 are the natural winners if you wager on Pass Line while 2, 3 and 12 are the losers.

Don’t Pass

This is the opposite of the Pass bet. When Pass bet wins, Don’t Pass loses. Now 2, 3 and 12 are favorable outcomes while 7 and 11 are unfavorable. However, to give casinos a better house edge, the total of 12 is a push and not a winner. When the point is rolled, you want to see 7 before that point.


As explained earlier, this is similar to the Pass bet, with the only difference being that it can be placed after the point is established. Don’t Come is the opposite of Come.

What Is the Best Craps Strategy

There’s no best or worst system for learning how to play craps for beginners or beginner craps strategy or craps strategy for beginners. Players won’t be able to eliminate the house edge and turn the game in their favor. But they can choose strategies that seem entertaining or minimize the house edge, depending on what they want.

One of the recommended options to reduce the house edge is very simple and therefore good for beginners. It starts with a minimum Don’t Pass bet that gives casinos a 1.36% advantage. Once the point is established, players wager maximum on Odds, which is a 0% house edge bet. Max Odds bet is usually 6 times your Pass/Don’t Pass bet.

Tips on How to Play Craps at a Casino

How do you play craps for beginners? It’s important to know the odds to understand which bets are more lucrative for a player. You don’t only need to pay attention to how certain totals are likely to come up, but also what is their payout. The higher the chance of a number landing the lower is the payoff. There are other useful tips.

  • Begin with Free Craps. Online craps gives the opportunity to practice before risking real funds, and this option is really useful. Not every casino offers this game, but you’ll certainly find a few gambling sites or casino-related sites with free craps games.
  • Don’t Bet Too Big. Just like with any casino game, you should always play responsibly. Craps can be addictive. So, just have fun and don’t bet too much money. Decide on how much you’ll spend in a single round and for a single session before you join the game. It’s possible to enjoy craps and spend a minimum amount of money if you only place Pass/Don’t Pass bets.
  • Bet on the Come-Roll. Come out roll is the first roll in the round. You’ll be allowed to place a variety of bets before the first roll, but the one with the lowest house edge is Don’t Pass. In the physical casinos, this bet isn’t recommended as usually gamblers choose to bet Pass. In this case, you win when others lose. But in online craps, that’s fine as no players are surrounding you.
  • Stick to a Strategy. Keep your bankroll under control and avoid sucker bets, which are anything except for Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come, and Odds. At least do not place them while you are still a beginner. Once you have experience and understand more about this game, you may find or come up with the strategy that actually can benefit from those higher house edge bets.
  • Ask for Help. Live dealer craps won’t usually help you with learning rules, probabilities and payouts. So, you should come to the table prepared or ask for help elsewhere. When playing the RNG version of the game, there won’t be anyone to ask questions, but the great thing is you can practice in free mode as long as you want and you can have tips in front of you.


It’s a dice game. Players are to guess which numbers will come up next.

Players with no knowledge or experience should start with understanding basic wagers such as Pass/Don’t Pass and practice in the free test mode to gain some confidence.

Odds are the best as they are zero house edge bets. But they are only possible when Pass/Don’t Pass bets are placed, which are also good.

Avoid sucker bets if you want to win more in the long run and play responsibly. No betting system will give you a house edge over the casino.

How to Play Slots. Tips on Winning and Strategies %%page%%

Visit any casino site and you’ll see that slots are the primary type of game that’s offered. One of the reasons that explain their success is that anyone even with zero experience can enjoy them. The games are fun and every casino offers a large, versatile collection of titles. If you are ready to join the fans of the game and learn how to play slots, just keep reading.

What Is a Slot Machine

The main components of the game are reels, symbols, and paylines. Reels spin and stop, ensuring a different set of icons. To form winning combinations, similar icons must land on an active payline left to right. In addition to regular, most titles have special symbols such as wilds (substitute for other symbols) and scatters (pay regardless of their position).

how to play slots

This is a traditional variation of a slot and there are many more less conventional choices. For instance, some of them don’t even have a traditional reel setup or even reels and only slightly resemble slot machines you expect to see. Developers experiment with shapes and engines to give slots a fresh look and feel. But apart from some wildest concepts, slot machines usually remain easily recognizable.

One of the popular types of games is grid slots that do resemble traditional variations but are built on a completely different engine. Instead of reels that spin, there are grids filled with icons that fall from above. Grid types of titles usually feature cascades after every payback. It’s when a winning combination disappears and new elements fill in the spaces.

Today all slots offer just an illusion of reels spinning. The truth is, a random number generator (RNG) determines what will show up on the screen and if there will be a win. The outcomes are generated instantly but watching the reels spin and the anticipation that builds as they slow down adds much more excitement.

Key Slot Elements

Let’s take a closer look at the key slot elements, and we’ll start with the reels. These are vertical lines that spin to produce a random set of icons. The minimum number of reels is 3, and while most titles have 5-6 of them, the number can grow without limits when it comes to slot engines such as InfinityReels.

slot reels

Paylines. There are usually multiple paylines on the reels. A single line is a characteristic of a classic title when you need to have similar symbols lined horizontally right in the middle of the reels. Non classic games usually have 10 and more lines and they can be a straight line, zigzag, have a V shape, etc.

slot paylines


Most games pay only one way – for combinations from left to right. But there are also titles that pay both ways.

pay left to right slots

win both ways slots

Bet size buttons are used to set a desired amount of a bet. It’s a bet per spin that you can change after every round or leave it unchanged.

setting a bet size slots

Spin button activates the reels. Push it after you’ve set your bet amount and read the game rules.

basics of online slots

Paytable explains all the details of a title. How to win at a slot and what are payouts.

slots paytable


Regular symbols. All icons have different values. If you open the paytable, you’ll find the payouts for every combination of symbols. Classic icons are: 7s, bars, bells, fruits, stars, etc. Many games use playing card values 10-A and multiple themed images.

slot symbols

Scatters are special in the way they pay even when scattered across the screen. If regular combination starts from leftmost/rightmost reel and is uninterrupted, scatters can land anywhere and still award wins. Moreover, three of them usually trigger bonus rounds.

casino slots scatters

Bonus Symbols trigger slot features that give players better chances of landing payouts. Free spins are the common option when players get to play for free a number of rounds.

online slots bonus symbols

Wilds often present in slots. Their job is to substitute for any regular icon to increase the payout rate. So, essentially, instead of being just one symbol, the wild is all regular symbols, whichever player needs at that time.

wild symbols in slots

Expanding Wilds mean a single symbol will turn into multiple to cover the entire reel. This helps land more wins.

expanding wilds in slots

Stacked Wilds are two or more icons tied together vertically.

stacked wilds slots

Walking Wilds remain on the reels during multiple spins. They move in the same direction with every spin until they disappear from the screen.

walking wilds slots

Colossal Symbols are bigger than regular. Starting from 2×2, they can grow up to the size of the entire reel setup. This is a popular option and some engines, such as GigaBlox, are built on the concept of the colossal symbols.

colossal slot symbols

How to Play Slots

Playing slots is extremely easy. A Spin button is pushed to activate the reels and when they stop the payouts, if any, are credited to a player balance. Then the same button must be pushed again to start a new round. For every spin, players pay the amount they set.

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You can start with free slots and then switch to real money mode, which gives you the freedom of playing without having absolutely no experience or sufficient knowledge of the game. But before it’s time to transition to cash bets, it’s recommended you know the basics and you are aware of the dangers of problem gambling. A more serious approach is required to enjoy real money mode.

There are no dealers, no bystanders, or other players waiting for you to make up your mind. So, it’s a stress-free environment that is great for inexperienced players. Games are available at any time on mobile devices or PCs.

Start with a Game Plan

When gambling, players experience an entire spectrum of emotions and can easily lose track of time. It’s essential to know when to stop, and this moment should be determined before placing the first bet. Think of what games will be played, and how much money and time will be spent.

Betting strategy is also important. Will you place the same bet size all the time or change it depending on the circumstances? The safest way is to never increase the bet size, but this might seem challenging as many gamblers tend to wager more when they lose to compensate for the losses. Remember to play responsibly and know that there are a variety of tools to use if gambling spins out of your control.

You might set a goal that makes it difficult to define some boundaries. If, for instance, the goal of your session is to trigger a bonus feature when playing a particular slot machine, how can you know when the mission will be achieved? The number of spins you’ll need will vary depending on how lucky you are. But even in this case, any mission must be abandoned when the limits have been reached.

Set a Budget in Advance and Stick to It

Never underestimate the power of slots. They can make you lose track of money and time. So, always plan how much you’ll spend during a single session and do not divert from the plan. You can even place different bet sizes as long as you stick to your budget.

Players can control the pace of their gambling when playing slot machines to manage the costs and stay within budget. You can take it slow and wait for the reels to stop themselves, or stop them manually by clicking a button. To speed things up, there are options such as Turbo Mode and Autoplay.

Know That Every Win Is Totally Random

Part of being an educated slot player is to know that the outcome of every spin is random. That’s what a random number generator (RNG) is responsible for. It draws a set of numbers that can’t be predicted. Moreover, each round is an independent event and doesn’t depend on the outcomes of the previous rounds.

That’s why strategies that are suggested to optimize the winnings fail. But if you want to know how to play slots and win more frequently, there’s one metric that can help you, and it’s called volatility. Low volatility is about smaller but more frequent payouts that are spread quite evenly. High volatility is about the uneven distribution of wins so that you can have a massive winning streak as well as a complete disaster.

Know What You’re Playing For

The purpose of gambling is always to have fun, and it’s never about earning money. Yes, you will occasionally win but in the long run, casinos always have an upper hand as games are programmed to take more than they give.

Load Up Your Machine

After a little bit of preparation, it’s time to play slot machines, and by that time you should already know how to do that. Set a bet size and push a Spin button, which is usually at the right bottom side of the screen. The autoplay option is usually available for those who don’t want to manually push the button every time.

Types of Slot Machines

These games can take all sorts of shapes and forms, but two main categories can be highlighted: classic type and video slots. Classic games are best when learning how to play slot machines because they are simple. Whereas video slots can be so much more complicated with lots of features and options available that overwhelm novice gamblers.

Video slots offer plenty of choices and a lot of different gameplays. There are anywhere from uncomplicated and close to classic fruit machines to the most innovative and feature-rich titles that promise a lot of thrilling action. Jackpots, Megaways, and feature buy are some of the most recognizable types of modern slots and there are many more.

Bonus Rounds

Unless it’s a classic slot, bonus games are an integral part of almost every title. Once the bonus round is activated, it’s expected to land more payouts than during the base game because players get features that increase the odds of landing more and bigger wins.

But it usually takes time to trigger a feature. You have to get a number of symbols that don’t appear frequently on the screen. Wonder how to play slot bonus rounds without waiting for too long? There’s a solution. For an average price of 50-100x, bonus buy types of games offer a shortcut to the most appealing part of the game. Here are the common bonus features:

  • Pick and click bonus type is when players are offered a few objects with prizes hidden behind them.
  • Free spins are the most popular bonus game. Players will have on average 10-25 spins they don’t pay for. Usually, during free spins, there are other features such as multipliers and extra wilds.
  • Respins are when certain symbols remain while the rest of the reels spin. These are typically used in addition to other bonus features, but can as well be a highlight of a game.

How to Set Your Bet in Slots

At the bottom of the slot screen, there are usually a few buttons to set your bet size. Click – or + buttons to decrease or increase the number of credits. There’s often a Max Bet option available that you can use to bet a maximum allowed amount.

The common minimum bet size per spin is 0.10-0.20 USD/EUR. But when playing progressive jackpot games, pay attention to the minimum bet requirements to be eligible for the jackpot as it can differ from the minimum allowed amount.

In some slots, there are other betting opportunities other than regular bets. For instance, Ante bet in some Pragmatic Play slots, such as Madame Destiny Megaways, doubles the chances of triggering a bonus round.

RTP: 96.56%, Max Win: x5000, Volatility: High

Do’s & Don’ts Slot Tips You Must Know

What you definitely should do is pick the games you enjoy. Forget about RTP, volatility, popularity, big brands. The only thing that matters is, how much you like the slot machine you are going to play. There are plenty of games to choose from and that’s when the second recommendation comes in handy – test games. Free mode is available without any limits and it’s useful because to find your favorite titles you’ll sometimes have to test dozens of slots.

  • Stay within budget. This entertainment seems fun and harmless, but everyone willing to make a few spins may end up developing a problem gambling. So, it’s always better to prevent things from going out of control. You need to decide how much it’s ok for you to spend on playing slots. Think of the amount of money you can spend on gambling and how much time you want to buy for that money. It’s possible to slow down the play or make it faster. Use responsible gambling tools if self-control doesn’t work.
  • Bonuses are good if wagering requirements are acceptable. So, before uploading any funds, check out available promos. The extra credits will extend the playtime, but wagering requirements are the biggest drawback.

When it comes to don’ts, some of them have already been mentioned above. Don’t spend too much, don’t play games that don’t seem thrilling to you. Another important recommendation is don’t bet real money on slots you are unfamiliar with. Look through the paytable to know the rules and the payouts. Be also aware of scams and fake games as they are tweaked to pay less. Make sure casinos have a license and offer certified gaming content.

How to Play Slots and Win: Main Strategies

The key to success is in enjoying the games you play because if you don’t, that by itself is a failure. Winning does add to the pleasure that comes from spinning the reels, but that shouldn’t be the purpose. There are no winning strategies that work because of the random nature of the slots. So, don’t pay too much attention to them.

If you want to do something to really affect your success rate, pick the titles with the highest RTP. Today this recommendation is especially important since more and more developers create multiple versions of the same slot machine that have different RTPs. So, you definitely don’t want to play the version with the lowest payback. The difference can be huge and sometimes as big as 10%.

In the case of any casino game, to win is sometimes not to lose, and by playing in the free mode it’s possible to save money. So, whether you play completely free or mix a little bit of practice into your real money gambling, it’s a win every time demo credits get spent instead of real ones.

Volatility is one of the key slot characteristics and it helps answer the question of how to win playing slots. The thing is, winning means different things to different gamblers. Some want frequent payouts regardless of the amount won. Others want massive wins and are ready to weather long losing streaks. By matching the volatility level to the desired payouts patterns, players will get higher quality time. There are a few things to pay attention to as they add more value to slots:

  • Many titles have this extra feature to increase the win potential. Multipliers can be growing, wild, and have other properties. But every time they show up and stay on the reels, it’s a chance to land a big win.
  • Buy-A-Pay. Bonus buy is an exciting option that offers a shortcut to the bonus rounds. If your budget allows buying features, that can be a good decision as buying your way into a bonus feature often gives a slightly higher RTP.
  • Progressive Jackpots. Being a lucky winner of a progressive jackpot can be a life-changing event. The chances are slim, but the amount that builds up in the pot can be worth taking the risk.


It’s a simple process and players don’t have to do much. Load a game, set a bet size, and push a Spin button. Symbols should land on an active payline or form a cluster to collect payouts.

You can jump right into the action by playing free slots. This way you benefit by learning the basics without the risk of losing any money. It’s easy to learn how to play by practicing playing slots.

The standard minimum bet is around 0.10-0.20 USD/EUR or equivalent amount in other currencies. Depending on the speed with which you spin the reels and a bet size you choose, it will be more or less expensive.