Bundesliga: Player kicked in the face by his own physio just seconds after head collision

VfL Bochum were hammered 3-0 away at Dortmund on Saturday. Things don’t look for the newly promoted side who have won just two games in 13, losing ten and drawing just one.

Things got almost comically bad in the second half for the team. With the score line already at 3-0, two Bodchun players (Anthony Losilla and Cristian Gamboa) clashed heads in a slight mix up as they attempted to stop a dangerous Dortmund counter attack in the 76th minute.

Both players fell to the floor after the heavy blow and the referee stopped the game shortly after to allow them to be attended my medical staff. But, as the medic ran over to Losilla, he slipped over and ended up kicking the player in the head. Fortunately, he was just wearing flat trainers and not studs, meaning that blow was softened slightly.