World Cup 2022: Fernando Hierro, “the biggest hater” of Iker Casillas on TikTok: “You’re ridiculous”

Iker Casillas posted on TikTok a nice video next to Fernando Hierro in Qatar that has conquered the social networks, both were captains of the Spain national team in the past.

“What do you think of me on TikTok?” the legendary Real Madrid and Spain goalkeeper asks his former teammate.

You’re ridiculous… because you’re making a fool of yourself,” Hierro replied in a video that Casillas himself titled “I have the biggest hater of all…. Fernando Hierro.

After Fernando Hierro’s reply, the image of Iker Casillas fades to soft and black with the music of the song ‘Hello darkness, my old friend’ by ‘Simon and Garfunkel‘.

The viral content between the two former Spain captains

Fernando Hierro a Iker Casillas sobre su papel en TikTok: “Eres un ridculo”

“But why do you think I’m ridiculous?” insists Casillas.

“Because you’re an old man who wants to modernize? No, you’re making a fool of yourself,” Fernando Hierro replied, slapping Casillas in the face.

“Is that really your criticism?”, Casillas replies.

“Yes, go back to being normal,” Hierro insists.

“I’m going to be normal again,” Casillas jokingly replied in a video that has gone viral in a big way on social media.

Iker Casillas has more than 3.8 million followers on TikTok and his video of “I have the biggest hater of all…. Fernando Hierro” added more than 1.5 million views in less than 16 hours.

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