World Cup 2022: Canelo Alvarez vs. Lionel Messi: Argentine striker refuses to apologize to Mexican boxer

Saúl Canelo Álvarez acknowledged his mistake and offered apologies, and now it was Lionel Messi‘s turn to speak and he is clear: at no time did he disrespect Mexico with the controversy created by the comments of the Mexican boxer and assured that he does not have to apologize.

Lionel Messi’s first words

The moment Messi allegedly kicks a Mexico jersey during Argentina’s celebrations@Ramiro1291

After Argentina’s victory over Poland to confirm itself as leader of Group C in the 2022 World Cup, Messi was questioned about what happened on Saturday in the Albiceleste’s dressing room, where he allegedly kicked a Mexico shirt that was on the floor, which upset Canelo, but the soccer player ended the controversy and assured that it was never a lack of respect.

“It was a misunderstanding. Those who know me know that I don’t disrespect anyone. These are things that happen in the locker room after the game. I don’t have to ask for forgiveness because I didn’t disrespect the people of Mexico or the jersey,” Messi said.

Canelo was so upset that he wrote on his social networks that he asked God not to meet the PSG player, and his comments generated the anger of several people, including Messi’s friends, teammates, compatriots and even Mexican players who agreed with the Argentina player.

Canelo Álvarez with his daughter Emily celebrating her birthday

Canelo repented and offered apologies

Canelo had to assume his mistake and said, in the same social network, that he got carried away by passion and that is why he criticized Messi on Sunday, but now calmer he showed repentance and even offered apologies to Messi and Argentina.

“These last few days I got carried away by the passion and love I feel for my country and made comments that were out of place so I want to apologize to Messi and the people of Argentina. Every day we learn something new and this time it was my turn,” the boxer commented on his Twitter account.

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