Pele hospitalised in Sao Paulo: Worrying situation

Soccer legend Pele has been hospitalised in Sao Paulo, causing concern for his health.

It appears his cancer is not responding to chemotherapy and he checked himself in due to his worsening condition.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, 82, has been in and out of hospital several times in recent years due to a tumour discovered in his colon.

He had an operation on said tumour last September.

Further hospital tests

According to ESPN, Pele is in the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo in his native Brazil.

There he will undergo a thorough examination to determine the state of his vital organs.

Meanwhile, his daughter Kely Nascimento has written on social media in order to attempt to allay fears for the worst.

“Hello friends. Lots of alarm in the media with regards to my father’s health,” wrote Nascimento on Instagram.

“He is in hospital, checking his medication. Some of my siblings are visiting him in Brazil.

“We appreciate the concern and love.”

Pele’s health concerns

The three-time World Cup winner’s health has been deteriorating in recent years, what with the operation and numerous check-ups.

This, coupled with the pandemic, has left him effectively a recluse in his Sao Paulo home, although he does have the company and support of his nearest and dearest.

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