World Cup 2022: World Cup and NFL: The first time in history that there are games of the two events in the same day

Since the first soccer World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930, the event has been held every four years in the summer in the Northern Hemisphere; however, for the first time in the current edition of Qatar 2022, the months of November and December have been chosen to host the event. Meanwhile, since 1920, the NFL season has been held starting in September and currently ends in February.

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Why have the World Cup and the NFL never coincided before?

That meant that in the past 92 years, in which the World Cup and the NFL have existed at the same time, there had never been the coincidence that on the same day there were games of these two great sporting events until today, November 20, 2022, which marks a milestone that, except for this month, we may never see again.

Ecuador defeated Qatar 2-0 in a game that started at 11:00 am ET, while the NFL game started at 1:00 pm ET and considering that a soccer game lasts two hours, we will have to wait a little longer to see another milestone, World Cup and NFL games at the same time.

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When will there be simultaneous World Cup and NFL games?

While tomorrow, Monday, November 21, there will be three World Cup games (England vs. Iran, Netherlands vs. Senegal and USA vs. Wales) in a span between 8:00 am ET and 4:00 pm ET, Monday Night Football between the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals will start until 8:15 pm ET, so that won’t be the case either.

The historic day will be next Thursday, November 24, as Thanksgiving in the United States will have the tradition of three games, the first of them will take place at 12:30 pm ET between the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions, at that time the game between Portugal and Ghana that will start at 11:00 pm ET will be in the last minutes of the second half, in addition, Brazil vs. Serbia (which starts at 2:00 pm ET) will most likely coincide with the beginning of the third quarter at Ford Field,

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