Are you watching or boycotting the World Cup in Qatar? | World Cup 2022

World Cups should be joyous, unifying events. Every four years billions of people across the planet settle down to watch this sport we have made our global fascination. But Fifa has denied football fans the simple pleasure of watching the 64 games and lapping up the entertainment on offer. Everything about this World Cup is complicated and contaminated.

The tournament has been tainted from the start. The hosts are not welcoming of all fans. The stadiums have been built by workers who are treated appallingly. The organisers are paying supporters to attend games and claim they are enjoying themselves. Even Sepp Blatter thinks Qatar holding the tournament is “a mistake”.

Have you decided against travelling to the World Cup? Will you be avoiding the coverage from home? If you are boycotting the tournament in any way, we want to hear from you. Conversely, if you are preparing to watch the games, we would also like to hear your opinion about the tournament. Even if you will be tuning in like usual, do you feel differently about this tournament from previous World Cups? Share your views through the form below.

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